LOBMaster for Db2®

Ensuring the integrity of your unstructured data in Db2 for z/OS
Ensure data integrity and meet compliance
The explosion of new applications saving unstructured data in Db2 as LOBs, such as photographs and voice recordings, can introduce risks to your Db2 system and requires special maintenance. LOBMaster for Db2 ensures data integrity automatically by finding LOB errors, missing LOBs, and LOB orphans. LOB checking with LOBMaster for Db2 is:
  • Automatic, validated, and reportable
  • Able to scale with growing volumes of data
  • Easy – without any changes to current operations
Automatically manage your complex LOBs with zero application downtime
Db2 LOBs and unstructured data have become a growing concern to database administrators (DBAs) who must manage the massive amounts of datasets, indexes, and new data. True management of LOBs requires constant execution of four different utilities: CHECK DATA, CHECK INDEX, CHECK LOB and REORG – in the correct order. These checks are time and resource intensive and if they are not done correctly your data integrity is at risk BMC LOBMaster for Db2 simplifies data management by consolidating all the required processes into a single, high-speed solution that:
  • Easily identify key drivers of peak resource usage that contribute to MLC costs.
  • Get insightful reports and model the cost impact of changes, while tracking and forecasting your MLC budget.
  • Predict the costs associated with deploying new applications and making changes to your workloads.
Proactively validate LOBs as part of routine maintenance while online
LOBMaster for Db2 eliminates the need to run multiple utilities that potentially bring an object offline. It will perform all the required LOB maintenance, while leaving all objects online for application processing without requiring SORT calls.
  • A single command consolidates the required steps to validate, maintain, and correct LOB data
  • LOBs are validated during REORG, LOAD, and UNLOAD processes, eliminating the need to run CHECK INDEX, CHECK LOB, and CHECK DATA
  • Adaptive parallel processing techniques reduce elapsed times and can spread work across a sysplex environment
  • Applications maintain full access to the LOB data during a reorg
  • Powerful reporting capabilities show you the size of the LOBs you have
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