MainView Systems Management

50% more efficient than competing solutions
Transform your mainframe systems management
MainView is built for digital business. It is a complete, modular solution that is architected to provide central administration and management which:
  • Increases cost effectiveness and lowers operational costs with the most efficient resource usage
  • Detects and resolves problems quickly using intelligent proactive automation
  • Sees and manages all systems with a single view and centralized control
  • Improves staff efficiency with central administration
Find and fix problems with a single view and control of your entire environment.
MainView allows you to see and control data collected from multiple sources on one console. Rapid guided navigation takes you quickly and directly to the source of a problem, which speeds problem resolution. With security top of mind, remote secure access to Hardware Management Console (HMC) minimizes risk, improves response and provides full visibility into commands issued for audit and training.
  • All resources and business-related metrics are visible and accessible regardless of source
  • Guided navigation for fast root cause identification
  • Mainframe-based customizable graphic interface
  • Remote secure console access
Configure and manage all MainView products centrally.
MainView is intuitive to use, configure, and manage. A modular structure built on a centralized architecture allows you to easily snap-in components and exponentially increase the benefits of MainView. You can manage your mainframe ecosystem holistically, ensuring the highest possible availability and performance.
  • Standardized configuration and navigation speeds knowledge transfer and improves staff efficiency
  • Central setup and deployment of smart alarms delivers consistency
  • Centralization enables holistic management of your entire mainframe ecosystem
Automate problem resolution without requiring specialized skills.
MainView provides powerful, intelligent automation to proactively find and fix issues before they occur. No need to have your experienced personnel write time-consuming code because MainView automation is rules-based and codeless, making it easier to set up and manage. MainView’s intelligent proactive automation lets you do more with less—efficiently and with accuracy.
  • Codeless, rules-based automation reduces manual efforts and increases efficiency and accuracy
  • Dynamic triggers invoke appropriate actions such as automation, text message or a phone call, lowering MTTR
  • Thresholds based on business cycle changes reduce guesswork
  • Smart alarms mean only real problems are raised
Modern systems management that is 50% more cost efficient.
Cutting mainframe costs is important, but most IT staff agree that they wouldn’t sacrifice availability or performance to cut costs. MainView is architected to provide capabilities that optimize performance and require fewer resources—in fact the cost of running MainView is about half of competing solutions.
  • Common components and information are collected once and shared anywhere
  • More efficient zIIP offloading frees GP capacity
  • Dynamic, cost-aware capping saves up to 20% of MLC costs
  • Console consolidation saves floor space, hardware, software, heating, and cooling
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