Service Management


Today’s corporate IT service consumer is very different from yesterdays. Requests for enterprise IT services have a new emphasis on self-service, fast resolution with real-time updates. Whether you are a large enterprise to midsize business, the powerful combination of Transcendence IT know how with the BMC Software’s IT Service Management Suite of products you will be well on your way modernizing the IT service management. Position yourself to exceed the expectations of your IT service consumers.

No matter what solutions you use, you need a single trusted source of information to proactively manage IT spend.
Remedy Service Management
Remedy is transforming service management with people-centric user experiences that help you to work smarter. Delivered in the cloud via BMC Helix for unprecedented choice, or on-premises.
Remedyforce, built on Salesforce App Cloud, enables you to deliver high-speed service management that empowers users and accelerates the business, with minimal capital investment.
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